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4 Activities To Do With Your Child this Ramadan

The holy month is one of the most beautiful times of the year. It’s a time to reflect, build and cultivate a deeper connection with Allah. As we get closer to the end of Ramadan, you can emphasize this connection as parents by extending these teachings to your children in a way that not only piques their interest but engages them in activities that strengthen your bond with them as well. Every action counts, and every day is a new day to be a better Muslim and parent!

1. Cooking together 

Depending on what treats or meals your child often enjoys having, one of the best ways to reinforce the bond between you and your child is to spend time cooking their favorite foods together. You could make it a teaching experience and perhaps donate the food you make. Cooking together not only teaches responsibility but encourages young children to be more productive during Ramadan and embrace the act of charity. The added bonus of making food together means learning a life skill while making memories by your side.


2. Storytelling 

Not a lot of things can compare to a good hadith. If you think about it, stories are not only entertaining but they fill our hearts with a sense of warmth and longing to mimic good character demonstrated by praiseworthy figures. This Ramadan, sit down with your child and let them tell you their favorite story from the Quran, read a bit of Seerah from Atlasia together, or let them tell you a fictional story that resonates with them. Discuss why they enjoy it and what they learned. A shared literary experience will give you insight into your child, the characters they admire, and make them feel that you are invested in their stories and want to spend time with them.

3. Giving Sadaqa

One of the most important practices during Ramadan is Sadaqat. Instilling this in your child is an exceptional way to have them connect to Islam. Sadaqat does not have to be about giving material things, it can be in various forms of giving such as appreciating blessings, offering smiles and other small acts of kindness to others. Something as simple as teaching them to open the door for seniors or offering arts and crafts projects to share with others creates a strong sense of community and social responsibility. If your little ones want to donate some of their allowance, you can even make and decorate a little Sadaqa jar to fill throughout the month and the rest of the year. The best part is you can jump in and make it a family affair! Check out our FREE Printable kit with a Ramadan Good Deeds checklist.


4. Praying together 

There are several ways to develop your child’s love for Islam but the act of praying together not only establishes the love of Deen but also allows you to put your child in the hands of Allah. When praying together, you not only pray for their safety and proper upbringing, you teach them to love Allah the way you do and appreciate and trust in His plan for their future. Additionally, consistent prayers revive and deepen their connection to their faith, and when done by your side it becomes a bonding activity that brings you both closer together through your mutual adoration for Islam.


Our connection with Allah is something that needs frequent attention to build beautiful character. Besides devotional activities such as Salah, Quranic recitation, and doing acts of service, ensuring the connection of the Sunnah to our lives is another way to strengthen our faith while also showing children how to be Muslim. We are the roadmaps our children need besides the notable figures and beloved Messengers (May Peace and Blessings Be Upon Them). Sharing this with your child and having participated in activities that encourage this belief is important for their faith and more meaningful when they have a parent by their side. It inclines them to feel loved and connect that feeling with Islam.