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Make Your Eid Celebration Count This Year. 

Eid traditionally has always been a happy celebration for Muslims across the globe. We pray, eat, spend time with family, and genuinely enjoy our blessings. However, as years pass by, it’s easy to get lost in the repetitive procedure of the celebration. 

This year, I ask myself how I can make Eid-al-Fitr count this year?

What can I do to make it stand out from previous years? 

Coming through a global pandemic this year, we have more to celebrate than just the conclusion of Ramadan and being able to come together again in congregation as a community. This year, Eid will have a bigger and bolder impact because we are also celebrating our lives and having had the opportunity of Ramadan, which many have not. May Allah grant all who’ve passed due to the Pandemic Jannatul Firdous and healing for their loved ones. We grieve our losses and find meaning in our collective experiences.

Growing up back home, the best part of Eid for me was always when my extended family came to the house to visit. Usually, it meant that my uncles and aunties would give me Eid money, and I appreciated the gesture, no matter what amount. As an adult, reminiscing on my childhood, I feel joy and can’t help but think about how I can create that happiness in someone else. 

During Ramadan, most of us give zakat or sadaqah, so there’s no better time to carry this forward than Eid. Rather than doing it alone, it would be nice to do it with the family or create it as a tradition and teach children the importance of giving and creating happiness in other people. More than the blessings we receive, we are filled with a sense of self-satisfaction and fulfillment.

Finally, spending time with family or friends may feel routine, but being more mindful of what they mean to us can improve our relationships. Before losing chances to time and the busyness of our lives, we can make our time with loved ones more endearing – and memorable. 

Thanks to technology, we can reach out to families in any part of the world and rebuild or create new traditions for future generations to stay connected to shared family values. Every celebration is an opportunity to establish social and familial resilience and allow ourselves, our children, and even our communities to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives. We at Atlasia strive to brighten up the Muslim experience in an increasingly dynamic and complex world. Our love and prayers are with you this Eid. EID Mubarak!