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Ring in the New Year! [the Atlasian Way]

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more are constantly swirling around the atmosphere when we get closer to the end of the year. It can leave many questions and wide-eyed gazes looking at the pretty lights and celebrations. It’s natural to want to celebrate and have fun like the rest of the country when it surrounds us with so much joy and delight. 


As parents, we need to ask ourselves, “What does celebrating a holiday that isn’t in the Islamic tradition mean to us?” There’s no harm in pretty lights and roasted turkey. But we must realize when we aren’t being true to our values. Realistically, Christmas and Thanksgiving alike have roots in pagan traditions and colonialism that did more harm than good. Let’s make a point to create halal habits for our families based on sunnah and and setting the habits that will benefit us in the long run through good ideas.


Here are 5 halal ways to celebrate the cold weather and the end of 2022:

  1. Road trip with Nasheeds

While we have a few weeks off for winter break, let’s take some time to visit the world! Seeing the creation of Allah, whether through nature or skyscrapers, is an incredible way to show our gratitude. Planning a few days of adventures on the road with our little stars, with nasheeds playing in the background, increases bonding time and incorporates fun! 


No need to travel the whole country, but even a short trip locally gets us out of the house as a family. Nasheed sing-alongs often incorporate duas and remembrance of Allah with rhymes and interesting concepts without being boring on the way between your home and your destination!


  1. Archery and Horseback Riding

In Sahih Muslim, the Prophet (SAW) said, “Practice archery and practice horse riding, and that you practice archery is more beloved to me than that you practice riding.”


Celebrate the type of sports aligned with our Muslim values – try out archery. Did you know archery is sunnah? Whether it’s an archery kit or finding an archery playground around you, try out archery as a family! The simple act is entertaining and gives you good deeds as long as you make the intention.


Horse Riding is another sunnah deed filled with refreshment. Riding outdoors, among nature, is an experience that can’t be replaced. Along with it being outdoors, it’s a source of exercise and movement filled with joy. 

  1. Cooking Halal Food Together

Sometimes, being in the kitchen can seem like a chore, but let’s involve the kids and spouse! Is there a recipe that you’ve always wanted to try? Or a favorite food from another restaurant you want to try at home? Or even a recipe straight from Chef Spi-Cey in the last issue of Atlasia? Create your micro traditions, as a family. Family bonding is a pleasing act to Allah!


This holiday season is the time to try! 


Getting your little stars involved in everything you do allows them to grow and become their own individuals in a new way. Truly make this holiday light-hearted by cheering on your budding chef. You can even squeeze in multi-step, project management skills! Choose one day to get all the ingredients together at the grocery store, then spend the next prepping and creating the new creation. Remember to say Bismillah!


  1. Volunteering
  • Community/Senior Center

Many elderly folks are lonely; they may not have any family or ones who visit them or family that are able to visit them often. Many seniors are depressed and children bring a special delightful energy to them you will notice if you visit. Volunteering for seniors will foster affection for a demographic that is severely neglected easily. What is a better time than the end of the year? Seniors will appreciate the gesture and this is a beneficial engagement all around, Inshallah. 


Please be mindful of health precautions, check in with your family doctors and ensure you take the appropriate safety measures to keep both seniors and your children safe – since both populations are vulnerable.

  • Animal Shelter 

Caring for those around us is a beautiful, essential part of our faith. The October Issue launched Atlasia into the POVs of animals in the prophetic tradition. The new Atlasian series, just as the Sunnah, includes animals as well as those who are vulnerable. Interacting with small, fluffy creatures brings smiles galore, and animals are proven to lessen stress! Take some time to bring smiles to your little ones’ faces and help your community in small, feasible ways.

  1. Free Play

Keep kids engaged on rainy days and in cold weather through Loose Parts Play: all you need is imagination! Does anyone remember playing with whatever was available around the house to make toy furniture, a scene, a skit, or bringing an imaginative thought to life with loose parts? Give your kids an idea, or a few items, maybe a book on a single topic like the solar system, collected leaves, or just pans and pots and watch them make wonders! Mashallah, watch them work their creativity. Our Marketing Strategist collects bottle and container tops for future play. Show us what your Atlasians are creating!


Lastly, order a copy of Atlasia as the best Halal Way to Celebrate the End of the Year! We care about caring for your little ones and fostering their sense of self. This includes making them proud to be Muslim. Allow fun and games, what comes naturally, so that your children can be themselves, be confident, while being good, happy Muslims. Upgrade your holidays through simple ways, and make the intention that it’s all for Allah. Bismillah, and Alhamdulillah for a great year, we are excited to ring in Ramadan just a few months away. 


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