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Instill the Love of Islam in your Child

Introducing Islam to our children is no simple task, but it doesn’t have to be daunting either! We can employ several approaches, with small steps, to instill a love of Islam in our children. We need to pay attention to how we reflect and apply Islamic teachings within our family or around our children because the practical application is the most impactful. We must take every opportunity to express how beautiful, albeit tough, Islam can be. We all make mistakes, and when we do, we must show our children how to reconcile them using guidance from the Quran and Sunnah.


Actions Speak Louder than Words


Solidifying a child’s love or interest in Islam can be as simple as praying together and showing them that we ask Allah for any success we want in this life. Whether it’s good grades, sports achievements, or even a good day! As a parent, we can include:

  • The usage of Inshallah.
  • Adding Alhamdulillah to any form of appreciation.
  • Following through with our intentions while using these words.

The simplest of remembrances attach fondness to those words, their meaning, applications, and the memories of learning/practicing as a family. Our shared experiences establish a deeper connection and understanding of shared values.


What child doesn’t love stories? 


Organizing story time circles where you tell kids stories from the Quran, Seerah, or even play nasheeds during bedtime (or any free time!) can reinforce moral standards. Telling stories builds a natural love of the Prophet(s) (AS) and respect and admiration of Allah and the Quran. Stories make personal experiences relatable, resulting in growing interest and excitement regarding Iman. To build good habits, a great time to wake up and connect with Allah’s words and each other is early morning, which is filled with blessings. Starting an early day fosters early risers, early sleepers, and a foundation to organize the day around essential time blocks as the Sunnah dictates.



Consistency is Key! 


Both following Islamic guidance and also imparting it to our children can be a massive task, so don’t lose hope or patience when you or your children struggle – difficult things are often challenging but also worth it. It is important to communicate that learning is a journey, and every small step brings us closer to the goals, dreams, and visions we set ourselves. By setting up a structure for our children to follow with patience, endurance, and compassion, we provide them with the best tools for success in their respective paths. There will be days when kids will be lazy or demotivated to keep going, and that’s okay. However, we want to encourage perseverance and a paced pursuit; the genuine encouragement and faith of the parent in a child can boost a child immeasurably.


It all comes down to the mix.

Combining knowledge and practice allows for a potent mix of building good character. We always want to encourage our kids to practice and apply what they learn while also showing them what that practice would look like in our homes, with family and friends, before they go out into the world. We want to nurture our children a sense and capacity for pursuing excellence – achieved through tried patience. As parents, we are in the most beautiful position of guiding, enjoying, and appreciating how our children grow into unique human beings. At Atlasia Kids, our hope and aspiration are that every one of our readers can thrive and share their love of Islam with others.