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5 Duas (Prayers) for a Prosperous 2023

A new year represents new beginnings, however, as we close the chapter on yet another milestone in our lives let us not forget to thank Allah. Let’s thank Allah for all we have gotten as we pray for him to guide us through the coming year. Here are a few short duas that the whole family can recite for a prosperous year ahead.


1. Dua For Temptation and Bad Thoughts


Bismil laahe wa billaahe allaahumma mananta aïlayya bil-eemaane wa awdaïanil qur-aana wa razaqtanee seyaama shahre ramazaana fam-nun aïlayya bir-rahmate war-rizwaane war-raafate wal-ghufraane wa tamaame maa awlaytanee menan ne-aïme wal-ehsaane yaa hannaano yaa mannaano yaa daa-emo yaa rahmaano subhaanaka wa laysa lee ahadun sewaaka subhaanaka a-oozo beka bada haazehil karaamaate menal hawaane wa as-aloka an tujleya aïn qalbil ahzaane.



I begin with the name of Allah and rely on Him O Allah by giving me faith Thou hast obliged me unto Thou. Thou hast made responsible for Quran-e-Majeed and presented me with the fasts of Ramazan. Make me now the center of all Thy Kindness. Charity, good Benefactor! O the doer of Kindness. Charity, good will, rewards and obligations and O the great art pure and purified and I seek. Thy refuge from my downfall after showering me with these gifts and respect and pray you to alleviate those doubts superstitions and grief which are crowding on me and send innumerable durood on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his offspring.

2. Dua For When Ill Or Diseased


Bismillaahir rahmaanir raheem. allaahumma innee as-aloka taïjeela aïafeyateka wa sabran alaa baliyyateka wa khoroojan menad dunyaa elaa rahmateka.



In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful. My Allah I ask Thee quick recovery or else endurance on Thy trail from this world towards Thy Mercy.


3. Dua For Seeing the Truth

Allahumma arinal haqqa haqqaw warzuqnat tiba’ah, wa arinal batila batilaw warzuqnaj tinabah



O Allah! show us the truth as true and inspire us to follow it. Show us falsehood as falsehood and inspire us to abstain from it.

4. Dua For When The Family Travels

Allaahumma innee astaw-de-oïka nafsee wa ahlee wa maalee wa deenee wa dunyaaya wa aakheratee wa amaanatee wa khawaateema aïmalee.



O Allah! I leave unto thy care of my life, my wife and children, my merchandise, my generation, my world here and hereafter, deposits under my custody and place my end of life thy hands.


5. Dua for Children’s Steadfastness in Prayers

Rabbij-‘alni muqimas-solati wa min zurriyyati, Rabbana wa taqabbal du’aa.



My Lord, make me an establisher of prayer, and from my descendants. Our Lord, and accept my supplication.


It is a good time to reflect with your kids on setting goals and visions for the upcoming year with respect to their lives, to create a habit of keeping a bigger vision in mind while working on the daily.  Inshallah these small habits, activities, and remembrances with play will be foundational for all our little Muslims. May Allah accept our intentions, Ameen.


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