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4 Engaging Activities for Tafakkur in Children

Unlocking the power of tafakkur, the secret of deep thinking, in children is essential for their spiritual growth. To help you on this journey, we present four creative ideas to teach tafakkur to your children. These engaging activities will make the learning process enjoyable and memorable, fostering mindfulness, critical thinking, and a deeper connection to their faith. Whether you’re seeking examples or guidance, this blog post offers valuable insights to empower you in nurturing tafakkur in your children.

So, let’s explore these four inspiring ideas together! 

Illustration by Olga Surina

1. Nature Walks: Discovering Allah’s Creation

Take your kids on a nature walk, like Layla and her family did in Atlasia Kids (page 25). Encourage them to observe and listen to their surroundings, using their senses to connect with nature.


2.Artistic Reflection: Expressing Through Art

Promote creativity by inviting your children to paint or draw inspired by verses from the Quran or hadith emphasizing reflection. As they create their masterpiece, encourage them to ponder the meaning behind the chosen verse, reinforcing the importance of tafakkur in their daily lives.

Illustration by Olga Surina

3. Storytelling Sessions: Lessons from Prophets and Companions

Engage children in deep thought through captivating stories from the lives of prophets and companions. After the story, facilitate a discussion, prompting reflection on the lessons learned and their practical application in their own lives.

4. Family Reflection Time: Gratitude and Sharing

Allocate dedicated time for family reflection sessions. Gather as a family, create a quiet space, and encourage each member to share reflections and express gratitude to Allah. This activity fosters unity, strengthens family bonds, and nurtures the habit of reflection in daily life.

Nurturing tafakkur in children is crucial for their spiritual growth 

By incorporating nature walks, art activities, storytelling, and family reflection time, Muslim parents can help their children develop deep thinking skills and a strong connection to Allah’s creation. These fun and engaging activities spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and bring positive changes to their lives.


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